JSHS (9-12) Trojans HS Athletics to begin Off-Season Workouts starting Monday, 9.14.2020.

JSHS (9-12) Trojans HS Athletics to begin Off-Season Workouts starting Monday, 9.14.2020.

Note: No JSHS (6-8) MS Athletics at this time as we wait for official word on MS Athletics start back dates from our State and Conference.

In lieu of our new Governor's orders to move to Phase 2.5 starting 9.4.2020, our NCHSAA Phase 2 off-season workouts to allow for increased # of participants in each pod.

With these new changes, we will begin our Off-season workouts program as follows:

-Start Date: Monday, 9.14.2020

-Off-season workouts will be held for Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

-Workouts will be held from 3:15 to 5:30 PM on these days.

-Women's Basketball will be held in the Harry Brown Gym and the girls will meet at the Harry Brown Gym.

-Men's Basketball will be held in the HS Gym and the boys will meet at the HS Gym.

-Student-athletes will work in small groups (pods) of no more than ten (10) to include the coach.

-Participant #s allowed: 25 for indoor activities and 50 for outdoor activities (with all coaches involved included in these #s).

-Student-athletes should always work in pods of between 5 to 10 persons during all skill development drills.

-Student-athletes will follow all NCHSAA COVID-19 procedures. Must have current physical, daily temperature screenings, complete questionnaire.

-Student-athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and towel.

-Coaches will wear face masks while conducting / facilitating off-season workouts/drills.

-Student-athletes are allowed the option of wearing the face mask or not while participating in the drills, but must wear a face mask when not in the drills.

-These off-season workouts are open to all JSHS (9-12) blended and virtual students who are eligible to participate as a HS student-athlete based on meeting NCHSAA eligibility standards.

-The student-athletes must provide their own transportation to and from these off-season workouts.

-We will maintain all safety guidelines of temperature screening, face masks, and social distancing during our off-season workouts.

-All athletic facilities and equipment used will be properly sanitized before and after our off-season workouts.

Note: Based on discussions with our JSHS (9-12) Coaches at our recent JSHS (7-12) Athletics Dept. meeting, our coaches plan to do the following for off-season workouts:

-Men's Basketball - start 9.14.20 - every week on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. - HS Gym (3:15 to 5:30 PM)

-Women's Basketball - starts 9.14.20 - every week on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. - Harry Brown Gym (3:15 to 5:30 PM)

-Football - will start in October - Wednesday evenings (outside at football practice field)

-Volleyball - will start in October - dates / times: TBA

-Softball - will wait until later in Fall / early Winter to conduct conditioning (weight room and outside)

-Baseball - will start in September / October with Pitchers throwing at field (outside)

-Track & Field - will wait until Spring season - may have some conditioning in Winter

-Women's Tennis - will wait until Spring season - may have girls play some on their own (outside)

Note Cheerleading will hold their try-outs and workouts as an NCHSAA recognized Spirit Group that supports Athletics at a later date: TBD. Most likely our Cheerleaders will wait to start in November.

Excited to see our Student-athletes and Coaches back on the field / court! Safety will always be our #1 priority!

Go Trojans!!