September 3, 2020

Jones County Schools was recognized as a Top Ten School District in 2018-19 for its 94.1% cohort graduation rate. This year, according to 2019-20 results released by the State Board of Education on Wednesday, September 2, Jones County Public Schools improved upon the previous four-year cohort graduation rate of 94.1% to 100% for the 2019-20 school year. 

Jones County’s improvement coincides with an increase statewide. North Carolina’s cohort graduation rate rose from 86.5% to 87.6% for the 2019-20 school year. State Superintendent Mark Johnson said North Carolina’s continued improvement in high school completion means that more students from all backgrounds are better positioned for success after high school. “Students need to know that there are many different career pathways they can pursue,” Johnson said, “but graduating from high school is the first step that all students must take for whatever path they choose. North Carolinians should be encouraged that more students are earning their diplomas, especially in an increasingly competitive world where some kind of postsecondary training or education is essential for them to achieve their American Dream,” he said. 

Dr. Ben Thigpen, Superintendent of Jones County Schools, was proud of the results and Jones Senior’s commitment to ensuring every child graduated. “The credit goes to Mr. Tod Morgan, his counselors, teachers and the staff who support Jones Senior High School. These outcomes are evidence of a commitment to each and every student every day by the teachers, staff and our school community. They do exemplary work for and on behalf of our students. “ 

Press Release Jones County Schools September 3, 2020