JCPS - Plan B, Option 1

On Monday, July 27th, the Jones County Board of Education unanimously approved PLAN B for reopening schools on August 17th.

Under Plan B, students will return to school on a rotational basis with many safety precautions in place. These precautions include:

*Daily health screenings prior to boarding the bus and entering the school
*Social distancing (all classrooms will be set up with desks 6 feet apart & students and staff will practice social distancing in the classroom & throughout the school campus)
*Frequent hand washing
*Masks will be provided and required for all students & staff with times available for masks to be removed
*Wednesdays will be dedicated to deep cleaning, so all students will participate in remote learning on this day. Cleaning will also take place daily and over the weekends.

Many have inquired how this rotation will be communicated. Once the day(s) for your child/children is designated, your child's/children’s school will share the information with you. The school will send these designations the week of August 3rd. Siblings will be designated in the same groups to assist our families.

Updated information can be found at: